Public Policy

The consumer of today demands innovation, flexibility, quality and choice. Oftentimes randomly developed regulations can stifle your ability to pursue positive changes. LeadingAge Illinois' public policy goal is to advocate for legislation that will positively influence your daily operations and contribute to your future growth. We advocate for consumer-friendly legislation that will allow you the flexibility to provide quality service while meeting the demands of your customers.

The enduring objectives of the LeadingAge Illinois public policy agenda include, but are clearly not limited to:

  • Advocating for all members - your best interest is our number one priority!
  • Obtaining adequate reimbursement to all to allow you to maintain and improve quality to your customers.
  • Preserving the Assisted Living social model of service.
  • Reducing redundant and innovation-stifling regulations.
  • Promoting resident/customer directed care and services.
  • Developing consumer protection standards
  • Preserving and promoting the growth of the Supportive Living Program.

    Contact Your Legislators - Address the Shortfall; Support Additional Medicaid Funding for Nursing Homes

    019 Priorities/ Issues:
    LTC Medicaid Budget/Impact of the Minimum Wage Increase
    Addressing the Late Medicaid Determinations Crisis
    Managed Care Oversight
    Impact Analysis of the Minimum Wage Increase 
    Additional Priorities