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2016 LeadingAge Illinois Member Staff Turnover Survey
The results of the 2016 LeadingAge Illinois Member Staff Turnover Survey are being published to LeadingAge Illinois members who participated in the survey with the intent of assisting you in the area of workforce management and staff recruitment. A total of 111 organization members participated in the 2016 Salary and Benefits Survey.

The 2016 online survey categorized organizations as: (1) skilled nursing communities; (2)  assisted living communities; (3)  independent living communities; and (4) home and community based services. Because of the number of respondents in certain categories, results for Assisted Living, Independent Living, and HCBS have been combined.

Turnover is calculated based on the total number of employees in each category who quit, retired, or were otherwise permanently discharged in the 2016 calendar year (referred to as “number of employees terminated”) divided by the average number of employees in each category.

In the 2016 online survey, geographic location of organizations are defined as: (1) Chicagoland; (2) Northwest/West Central, IL; (3) East Central/Southern IL. 

Data are not provided for any group of less than five (5) respondents in a particular category as findings would not be statistically valid.

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National Clearinghouse on the Direct Care Workforce

Nonprofit advocacy organization for frontline caregivers to older adults with strong focus on long term care staff. Offers useful links and policy publications.

Winning Workplaces

Provides information, training, ideas, consulting and easy-to-use, affordable tools to help small and midsize organization create great workplaces. U.S. Department of Labor Includes information about wages, health plans and benefits, unemployment insurance and the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA).