The LeadingAge Illinois listservs allow members to quickly tap into resources, ideas, best practices and the valuable experience of colleagues – all while sitting at one’s desk. Participating on a listserv is as simple as sending an email which goes to the participants of the specific group you are a part of. Participants then reply to questions posted thus facilitating the information exchange.

LeadingAge Illinois facilitates “real time” discussion among LeadingAge members by developing, organizing and maintaining listservs in the following areas:
  • Assisted Living 
  • Billing Services 
  • Director of Nursing 
  • HCBS 
  • Housing 
  • Leadership Academy Alumni 
  • Marketing/PR/Communications 
  • HR/Workforce 
  • MDS Coordinator 
  • Administrators 
  • Supporting Living 
  • Social Services 

If you are a staff member with one of LeadingAge Illinois' Organizational Members and would like to participate in any of the above listservs, please contact LeadingAge Illinois.

Click here to see the LeadingAge Illinois Listserv Agreement

Click here to see the LeadingAge Illinois Listserv Participant Guidelines