LeadingAge Illinois works to help our members stay connected with colleagues and current with their profession. In a maturing and rapidly changing industry, knowledge-building, using up-to-date technology and networking are critical to an organization’s growth and success.

Discovering what organizations near and far are doing can provide valuable input to your planning and operations. LeadingAge Illinois provides many opportunities and a variety of methods to keep our members connected and “networked.”

In addition to the networking that takes place at our face-to-face educational events you can network through:


The LeadingAge Illinois listservs allow members to quickly tap into resources, ideas, best practices and the valuable experience of colleagues – all while sitting at one’s desk. Participating on a listserv is as simple as sending an email which goes to the participants of the specific group you are a part of. Participants then reply to questions posted thus facilitating the information exchange.


Networking Forums

Networking Forums are member-driven and have been developed and organized to provide members who share the same responsibilities or function within an organization the opportunity to network. These groups meet to discuss issues and topics of their choice.

Currently there are Networking Forums in the following interest areas:

  • Assisted Living 
  • HUD Housing 
  • Marketing 
  • SLF

  • If you are interested in creating a forum for a specific discipline the LeadingAge Illinois staff will be happy to work with you to do so. Please send your request to LeadingAge Illinois.