For over 75 years, LeadingAge Illinois has represented the leading providers of services for older adults in the state of Illinois. With a diverse membership of over 500 organizations, LeadingAge Illinois is one of the largest and most respected trade associations of its type in the country. Through its numerous educational sessions, grassroots advocacy, and innovative programs, LeadingAge Illinois helps its members remain at the forefront of the aging services industry.

As a consumer of older adult services, you can take advantage of LeadingAge Illinois' impressive history of industry expertise. Through several useful consumer resources, LeadingAge Illinois can help you find the right eldercare service provider for all your needs.

LeadingAge Illinois' consumer resources include a listing of LeadingAge Illinois' 500+ organizational members with links to each organization's website. LeadingAge Illinois' membership consists of Assisted Living, Continuing Care, Home and Community-based, Home Healthcare, Hospice Care, Independent Living, Nursing, and Supportive Living communities.

LeadingAge Illinois understands that finding the right eldercare provider can be a daunting task. Yet, with the help of LeadingAge Illinois' consumer resources, this search is sure to become a successful and fulfilling experience!

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